Industrial Liquid Additive Mixers

Industrial additive mixing and blending equipment from Pulsair Systems

Pulsair industrial additives mixing systems are designed to efficiently mix and blend additives with base liquid products yielding faster blending times and a more homogenous solution at a much lower cost than traditional mixing systems. Pulsair mixing systems support many industries that require mixing additives such as lubricants, food processing, chemicals, paints and more.

Our non-shear industrial additive mixing systems are highly energy efficient, easy to use and maintain, cost-effective and well suited for any base product and oil, food and chemical additive mixture. The Pulsair mixing process can efficiently mix in any size and number of tanks.

Special Asphalt Products

"We use Pulsair’s tote mixer to reblend our asphalt ink and sealing additives because it mixes faster and one guy can easily install and use it. I’ll never use a mechanical mixer in my totes again. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to save time and money."

  • Scott McClausland
  • Plant Manager
  • Special Asphalt Products

How it works:

The Pulsair industrial tank mixing process works by sequentially injecting compressed air or gas into the bottom of a tank or vessel filled with additive liquid. Large air bubbles are released on the underside of accumulator plates that are attached or located at the tank bottom. The Pulsair controller regulates the amount of air, pressure and timing, depending on the type of material, viscosity, and temperature requirements. The rising bubble displaces liquids as it rises to the surface while also pulling heavier bottom liquids up. Timed air pulses create immediate vertical flow patterns mixing materials of different viscosities from the top to bottom. This powerful yet efficient mixing process involves the entire contents of the tank and can operate at any liquid level. The Pulsair mixing process is more efficient than mechanical mixers, mixes faster and requires zero in-tank maintenance.

Why mix additives with Pulsair's mixing process?

The Pulsair mixing process works in all types of tanks:

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